Update: Beached whale rescue, East Mackay

For those residents who are unaware, our friend “Spout” returned to the shore-line late yesterday afternoon at Town Beach in East Mackay.  Despite the determined efforts of many residents and helpers, the out-going tide and Spout’s injuries worked against us all – the outcome was very sad and not what anyone wished for.

Officers from Mackay police wish to thank all residents and helpers who gave of their time to assist in these unsuccessful efforts.  We all did our best.


Shortly before 1:30pm this afternoon police were contacted by concerned residents who were at Illawong Beach (known to locals as Far Beach).

On arrival, a small group of residents were present and working tirelessly to ensure a whale calf was safely returned to the water.

It was only the determined efforts of a small group of people present that enabled the almost seven metre mammal to return to deeper water. It took almost a dozen attempts to ensure this occurred, with the whale persistently returning to shallower depths.

One local resident has a story to tell after receiving an almighty bump on the head from the whale’s tail during the rescue.

It’s hoped that the migrating ocean dweller catches up with mum and dad soon. The nickname we have given the animal – Spout 🙂

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